Congressman Heck's Budget Vote Proof of His Priorities


(Las Vegas, NV) - Congressman Joe Heck joined House Republicans in Washington today in voting for their budget that gives increased tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working families and seniors in Nevada's 3rd District.

Americans at the expense of working families and seniors in Nevada's 3rd District.

The Heck-Ryan Budget will end traditional Medicare by turning it into a voucher program many seniors could never afford and the 'Medicare-like choice' in that program increases out-of-pocket costs to new retirees by 50 percent starting as early as 2015. Heck also joined in voting to make college seniors begin paying interest before they even graduate and to cut needs-based college scholarships for thousands of students -- cutting Pell grants by $145 billion. Their budget slashes $260 billion from higher education, including $40 billion from loan programs, to give Big Oil a tax break. The Heck-Ryan budget would cost the country 3 million jobs and eliminates numerous job training programs, including the Veterans Workforce Investment Program all while giving those making over $1 million a year an additional $80,000 every year in tax breaks.

"At every juncture Joe Heck's budget protects the very wealthy and special interests while imposing harsh costs and increased tax burdens on struggling Nevada families and our seniors," said Erin Bilbray. "Joe Heck's vote show's that he, like this budget, represents all the wrong priorities for southern Nevada families."

"Joe Heck's budget gives breaks to out of state multi-millionaires and corporations while increasing taxes on Nevada's middle class. Seniors will see their Medicare costs go up and the average middle class families will see their taxes increase by $2,000 every year. Joe Heck's values are out of sync with southern Nevada."


  • 29,924 seniors would see their Medicare Part D "donut hole" reopened, raising the cost of their medications
  • Nevada students would receive $15,600,000 less funding in Pell Grants, hurting their ability to pay for college
  • 2,690 fewer children would receive Head Start services, keeping them from early childhood learning
  • 13,300 people would lose job training and employment services, hurting their chances to find a job
  • $3,267,000 in Federal Medicaid funding for Nevada would be cut over the next decade due to the proposal to block grant Medicaid
  • 1,613 victims would not be served by the STOP Violence Against Women Program

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