On the Issues

Erin and construction men


My highest priority is getting our economy back on track and creating an environment for businesses to create good-paying jobs to put still struggling Nevadans back to work. Congress can help small businesses succeed by getting out of the way, cutting red tape and excessive regulation, encouraging banks to lend again, and providing tax relief for small businesses. We need to encourage job growth here in Nevada–not China–by ending tax loopholes that encourage companies to go or expand overseas.

Minimum Wage

There are many arguements in opposition to a minimum wage increase, all of which have been debunked by economists and by our historical experience. Click here to read more.

Deficit and Spending

Congress needs to take a lesson from Nevada families and live within its means. I will work to cut wasteful spending and take away Congress' credit card by enforcing pay-as-you-go rules. Our budget reflects our values: we can and must invest in our children, in infrastructure, and the ability of our seniors to retire with dignity while we continue to reduce the deficit. I'll work to eliminate corporate tax loopholes, while protecting tax relief for the middle class.

Health Care

Health care costs continue to be too high for both patients and small businesses. The Affordable Care Act contains a lot of common sense solutions, such as protecting coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, lowering drug costs for seniors, and allowing young people to stay on their parents' insurance plan for a longer period. But the results of full implementation remain to be seen. I believe we still need to do more to contain costs. I'm proud that my husband and I created Nevada's only completely free pediatric health clinic.


I've always supported a woman's right to make decisions about her own body. Please view the Dreams of our Daughters from Letters to the President here.

Erin and elders

Medicare and Social Security

I will not support any plan to privatize Social Security and Medicare. I believe we cannot fix our fiscal problems on the backs of our retirees. Congress needs to address the deficit and spending by eliminating corporate tax loopholes, cutting spending, cracking down on waste and fraud, and tightening our belts. It is not right to ask Americans who have paid into a system their entire lives to sacrifice before Congress takes these issues seriously.



I support comprehensive immigration reform that is tough, fair, and practical. First, we need to increase border security and enforcement. I support bringing people back into the immigration system legally through a path to citizenship for those without criminal records.  Reform must include a reasonable plan for paying back taxes and fines, securing education, and gaining employment.

Marriage Equality

Today 19 states plus DC have adopted marriage equality and 3 other states have created "civil unions" or "domestic partnerships." Click here to read Erin Bilbray's position on marriage equality.


Nevada is the nation's leader in renewable energy. I will support policies that allow Nevada businesses to continue to be in the best possible position to research, innovate, and create thousands of good-paying, green energy jobs. Nevada's clean energy industry provides a strong, diverse source of economic growth that makes us less dependent on foreign oil.



I will fight to protect Nevada's tremendous natural beauty for generations to come, while balancing the opportunities that it provides for economic growth. I'll oppose any attempt to ship nuclear waste through our communities to Yucca Mountain.

Climate Change

The facts and consequences of global warming and the potential of such warming to make catastrophic changes in our climate can no longer be debated. Click here to read more.

Erin and girl
Erin and young democrats


As the mother of two young girls, ensuring every child's access to a quality public education is deeply personal to me. I will fight to make college affordable and accessible to all Nevada's students. I will also work to create partnerships between Nevada's higher education system and businesses to provide local companies with the skilled employees they need. I will support fully funded preschool and kindergarten, ensuring that every child from the earliest age has the best chance to succeed.


I believe that responsible gun owners' right to bear arms for sport or protecting their family should be upheld. I will support common sense laws that keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill.


As the daughter of someone who served, I understand the sacrifices that our veterans and their families make to preserve our way of life. I will always stand with veterans and fight against any attempt to strip the benefits they have earned. I also believe we need to invest in programs that help veterans returning from conflicts overseas to transition into the workforce.


Too many Washington politicians forget where they came from. I will always fight for the people of Southern Nevada – not corporate special interests. I will refuse any pay raises and will fight for a 10% pay cut for Members of Congress until the budget is balanced. I will work to end "business as usual" in Washington and instead pursue common-sense solutions that work for middle-class families.